Transcending Addiction With EFT

Thrive In Recovery Instead of Just Surviving


Sustained abstinence from an addiction is the first phase along the path to addiction recovery.

The second phase is maintaining abstinence whilst rebuilding the life that was shattered due to addiction. The journey along the path to recovery is not easy; it requires time, effort, perseverance, and action. The action we take once abstinence from any addictive behaviour has been achieved is vital to ensuring success on the addiction recovery path.

The first year of sobriety is the most challenging.  It’s a time when we are trying to find our feet in a sober world.  Our emotions are all over the place as we try to navigate or avoid the situations or people that may result in a relapse.

I remember all too well the feeling of exhilaration of being sober for a few days followed by shame, self-loathing and despair when I fell off the wagon.  I relapsed a few times before finally attaining sobriety in August 2004.

Shortly thereafter I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a simple self-help tool that not only helped me through my first year of sobriety, but has become as much part of my life as brushing my teeth.

My mission is to teach this simple, yet incredibly effective tool to everyone who is walking the path of recovery to make their journey of sobriety a lot easier.

Build a solid foundation to support your sobriety goals in the early stages of path to addiction recovery.

  • Learn to identify and release the triggers that could potentially sabotage your desire to remain clean and sober.
  • Recognise self-sabotaging behaviour that keeps you trapped in the cycle of addiction.
  • Discover how trauma and negative beliefs prevent you from thriving in addiction recovery.

A powerful technique at your fingertips.

Take control and reclaim your sobriety with a simple, yet powerful tapping tool.

Learning how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) gives you the ability of being able to address any potential situation or incident that could result in a relapse in the early and most vulnerable stage of your recovery.



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Excellent work here!!!

As one fighting to stay sober, this approach has already seemed to work wonders for me. I received my workbook as a free gift and while putting my workbook together for me, I watched Janis' video's on the EFT or tapping techniques. There were instant results just focusing on one of my phrases and practicing tapping. And yes, my cravings DID disappear.

At three (3) months of sobriety, this book answered several, crucial questions for me and has shown me a different path; a path to recovery that I am very excited to follow without fear - and that begins right now.

Great Tool for Addiction Recovery

This book is a great find. I have used EFT before, but it hadn't occurred to me how useful it could be in a recovery program until purchasing and reading Ms. Bryden's book. She applies the technique of EFT in a way that is very helpful to the recovering addict. This is a tool that brings quick relief with a holistic approach.

The book is well thought out and organized, breaking down the learning process into easily understood chapters that lead the reader through the steps of integrating EFT into their recovery program. The accompanying free workbook which you can download from her website is the perfect companion to the book and I recommend it as well.

Very, very good tool for Recovery

I am still reading my book as I just received it a few days ago. I am benefiting a great deal from the exercises Janis includes to drill down to the core issues that drive addiction in the first place. Also the instructions on EFT tapping are excellent, simple to follow and/or learn. The whole tone of the book is so accepting and non-threatening. This makes it so much easier to do the somewhat heavy emotional work we all have to do in order to be really free from the 'demons' that drive the whole addiction process. I am grateful to Janis that she has done such a good work to help her fellow travelers on the journey to sobriety.