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The Online Course

Break Free From The Cycle Of Addiction With EFT:  Dump Your Baggage In 8 Days And Reclaim Your Sober Life

The course, based on the book "Transcending Addiction With EFT:  The Simple Self-Help Tool To Thrive In Recovery" was created in order to enhance the content of the book in the following ways:

  • Some people prefer visual content;
  • An online course provides more effective interaction with the course instructor;
  • All supplementary material can be found in one place and there is no need to access other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook to watch videos, etc;
  • New and updated content is more readily available to the students.

The Vibration Of Addiction

The Vibration of Addiction is a new concept that I included in the online course which is not included in the book.  

The Vibration of Addiction is an explanation of how trauma and other emotional issues play a huge part in succumbing to addiction and then keeping us trapped in the cycle of addiction.

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